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Managed by HKDC (Hong Kong Design Centre), IDK (Institute of Design Knowledge) is an executive education provider that facilitates the transfer of highly advanced design knowledge relevant to innovation and design management for Strategic Users of Design, Design Management and Design Practitioners.

IDK is offering the unique InnoDesign Leadership Programme (IdLP). Our curriculum is constantly evolving with the trend, addressing demands and needs from a dynamic market yet not neglecting knowledge from the past.

    We value People, Process and Progress. People, not only refers to your target customers or clients but also your team, and you. Effective use of talents and pinpointing the unarticulated needs of your potential customers facilitate project planning and management.


    We bring in Faculty from well-respected education institutions around the globe to share their experiences and insights towards different issues. The essence of theoretical frameworks would be introduced to participants through real case studies, inspiring you with innovative formulas. Learning through an integrated approach would provide you hands-on experience and create multidisciplinary collaboration and discussion.


    We value your ability. And we believe versatile knowledge could enhance you and your team’s ability to create value for your company, to expand your market share and to blow others’ mind. As you create your own solutions, progress will become visible. There would not be any progress if one of the three components were missing. So take the lead and be one of the driving forces of sustainable development. Join the world, Join IDK.

Dr. Victor Lo GBS, JP, Hon DDes Chairman of
Hong Kong Design Centre

Message from
the chairman

Hong Kong continues to play a strategic role in influencing and shaping developments through design and innovation. Design is undoubtedly part of the fabric of society, economy and culture. The more widespread design thinking is infusing into visioning, strategizing, inter-disciplinary planning and execution, the greater is the ability to draw inspirations and effect partnerships from across fields, and the greater the value and impact of delivery will be.

With the support of Create Hong Kong (CreateHK), HKSAR Government, the “InnoDesign Leadership Programme” was piloted by Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) aiming to nurture future leaders and deepen their perspectives and horizons as they advance their entrepreneurial endeavours or careers. The new competencies will be expected to be a game changer for business design in Hong Kong more than ever. In the new economy of choice, there is an urgent need to move away from a manufacturing mind-set to a shaping strategy at a macro level. The designerly approach of quality programmes in executive design education bridges an enormous market gap for practicing professionals to enhance and enrich their learning with a constantly evolving curriculum.

As an insurmountable challenge, a part-time intensive and small-size class learning mode will encourage close interaction with in-built flexibility based on the learner’s needs. Prominent design academics, global industry experts and advocates will share their wisdom, knowledge and insights through lectures within theoretical frameworks and interactive workshops.

Learning is a life-long journey. We welcome you to this groundbreaking and world class executive education programme in Innovation and Design Management!

Dr Victor Lo, GBS, JP, Hon DDes
Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre


Strategic Partners
Supporting Partners


What is InnoDesign Leadership Programme ?

IDLP is an advanced executive programme to:

  • Enhance resourcefulness as corporate architects, project champions or society change makers.
  • Be better prepared to augment innovation capacity and productivity across value chains.
  • Scquire design knowledge to help strategise, plan, organise & deliver creative business solutions
  • Unleash creative power and raise sensibility to design for professional and personal developments.

Programme Contents

Programme Structure

Learning Mode:Part time
Date:Aug 2012 - Aug 2014
Class Size:25
Time:0930 - 1730
Modules Type:Full Module (1 unit)
Certificate:Certificate of Achievement signed by Institute and HKDC
Venue:Hotel ICON(TST East)

Entrance Requirements

Practicing executives and professionals over / at least 5 years work experience.
Competence in English
Completion of application form*
*Applicants may be interviewed by IDK committee / consultant


Individual Modules

Certificate of Achievement will be granted for completion of individual modules. (by HKDC and partner institute)

IDK Fellows
12-15 units equivalent

IDK Fellowship will be granted for completion of the whole programme

1 module = 1 unit | half module = 0.5 units

Presentation of an individual Demo Project at the end of the programme (The topic could be based on personal / business interest)

Upcoming Modules

Completed Modules

Date (Start) Date (End) Module Type ID Name Details


Faculty & Staff


Research & Study

Hong Kong Design Index

1. A Study on the Framework of Hong Kong Design Index view PDF

Hong Kong Brands Week Survey Report

1. Executive Summary of the Survey on "The Relationship between Consumers" Beloved Lifestyle Brands and Innovative Design view PDF
2. Survey Report on Brands Excellent in Innovative Design view PDF

Forum on "From Creative Industries to Creative Economy:
The Role of Education"

1. Full Report view PDF
2. Presentation file of Professor Ali Farhoomand view PDF


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